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Deprecated software projects

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BootLogo is a program that enables you to create nice and fancy message-files used by LILO-colors. Using a simple user interface, it will help you to create and view message-files in a short period of time. As of version 0.4, BootLogo is also capable of creating plain message (read: text) files for all you people who have not installed the LILO-Colors patch.

Since releasing version 0.4 of BootLogo I always proclaimed that I would release a better, newer, fancyier version. Several attempts failed, and the latest versions of LILO support graphical VGA boot-screens. Ergo, this little program is of no use anymore...

For historical purposes, you can download the latest release of BootLogo:


LILO-colors is a patch which allows LILO to display a fancy color bootmessage on any VGA card, maybe even EGA, anybody? To use this patch you'll need the LILO source distribution (v1.24.4) from Werner Almesberger.

The latest versions of LILO contain both textual and graphical boot-menu options. This “native” support supersedes the LILO-colors patch entirely.

The latest released version of the LILO-colors patch (against LILO v21.4.4):


I had forgotten all about PreHTML until I recently (20/04/2004) got an email from Phuah Yee Keat, which contributed a minor patch to run PreHTML on newer versions (>5.005) of Perl. As I read the sources of PreHTML again, I wondered about the “bad” coding practises. So, I rewrote it, within two hours... Nevertheless, I do not intend to actively develop it further.

The latest released version of PreHTML:

The patched version from Phuah Yee Keat:

The latest rewritten version from me:


My never finished PIC programmer. Hardware only, never built, never tested: