This is a little script I wrote to parse my running logs, kept in a little neat program called RunnersLog running on a Palm m105, and convert them to a more readable CSV format.

I released both the script and the file format of RunnersLog under the GPL License. The release of the file format is with permission of the author of RunnersLog, Martin Rice.


Version 1.1 of pdb_parse is released. This version fixed a minor bug I found. Also some code optimizations were done. Go to the download section to download it!


Since you want to know, there is not much to install here. Just download the program and extract it to a place you can access.

There’s only one requirement for running this script, namely that you’ve got a working version of Perl. Without this, the script simply does not do anything but to generate errors 🙂


Running the program is as easy as its installation. The usage of pdb_parse is:

pdb_parse <inputfile> [<outputfile>]

Where <inputfile> is the actual PDB file you want to parse, and <outputfile> the (optional) output file. If you do not specificy an output file, or use a single dash (-) as name, the program will write its output to the standard output.

In case you are wondering where to find the actual log file, here are some hints:

  • For Windows users: do a search (alt+F3) for RunnersLogDB.pdb;
  • For Linux users, and therefore, probably users of JPilot: check the /.jpilot/backup/ directory for RunnersLogDB.pdb.


To download pdb_parse, click the link below.